What Makes a Hotel Truly Pet-Friendly

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According to the American Pet Product Association, pet care spending in 2018 reached a record-breaking high of $72.56 billion compared to $69.51 billion in 2017, an increase of over 4 per cent.

Part of that spending goes to pet owners travelling with their pets, hence some hotel chains have caught up with the need of providing accommodation for them. However, advertising that they are “pet-friendly,” may not meet certain pet’s expectations.


A True Pet-Friendly Hotel

In order to determine if a hotel’s pet-friendly policy is honestly friendly and welcoming, there are some key things to look for: 

  • Reasonable Pet Fees: The hotel or motel does not levy an inflated “one-time housekeeping fee,” a one-time cleaning fee of $25, for example, is acceptable.
  • Affordable Daily Pet Fees: A pet-friendly hotel should not charge an outlandish “daily pet fee,”  $10 – $25 per day is more the norm, but some truly pet-friendly chains charge nothing extra.
  • Minimal Restrictions: A pet-friendly hotel should not apply restrictive conditions on your pet or on you.
  • Location of Rooms: A truly pet-friendly hotel does not segregate you from the non-pet guests or house you in a sub-standard room or section.
  • Not Just Dog-friendly: Pet-friendly hotels should not permit only dogs. People travel with a variety of pets and when they stop for the night the pets go with them.

Some of the best pet-friendly properties have their own pets on site and often these pets play a part in offering a warm welcome to pet owners that starts with having the animal’s picture and welcome note on the hotel website.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Hotel


Research before you book accommodations:

Look for Pet-Friendly Brands: Look for the tried and tested pet-friendly hotel brand that has made a true commitment to pet-friendliness. Several hotel brands that are particularly welcoming, especially to dogs:

  • Westin Hotels: Expect a pet-sized Westin Heavenly Bed
  • Loews Hotels: Receive a goodie bag for your dog.
  • Kimpton Hotels and sister brands Monaco and Palomar Hotels: No restrictions or fees for pets and look forward to amenities like dedicated concierges and lobby treats.
  • La Quinta: Each motel is individually-owned, you may find policy variations that make it wise to call ahead and inquire.

Surf the Web: Check online for leads to pet-friendly accommodations.

  • Bring Fido: Offers 24/7 phone consultation, a database with 250,000 places to stay, play, and eat with your dog, and no added booking fees.
  • Pets Welcome: At petswelcome, you can match the type, size and number of pets you have with only those lodgings that are happy to accommodate them.
  • Trip Advisor: Just enter “pet-friendly” and the location, then you’ll get a list of accommodations for you and your pet.
  • Air BnB: Air BnB has a checkbox for “allows pets” when you search. Review the “House Rules section” and contact the host to find out if there are any specific restrictions.

Call the Hotel: Get the facts about a hotel’s pet-friendly policy by calling the hotel directly. Ask about their per-diem charges for housekeeping, pet-in-room restrictions, and location of pet rooms. 

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