Top 10 dog friendly destinations (EU and Surrounds)

We often consider our beloved pets to be a part of the family, so why leave them out of the fun of a family holiday? There are now more pet-friendly holidays available than ever before.

From dog-friendly cottages in England to dog-friendly villas in Spain, you’ll find pets welcome everywhere. Pets will often pine for their owners if left behind in kennels or catteries, and they’d much rather be spending time with you, just as you’d prefer to be with them. Take your pet on holiday and you can spend quality time together.

Many EU countries and some outside the EU allow the free passage of pets between borders as long as owners can present pet passports bearing vaccination details. Some countries also insist on implanted microchip IDs. Many airlines will allow your pet to travel with you, but whether this is in the cabin or the cargo hold is something you need to find out beforehand.

You’ll find that self-catering holidays are the best option for pets. More holiday rental properties than hotels provide pet-friendly accommodation, especially in the following countries.


The animal quarantine laws have been relaxed in the U.K., so there’s no longer a statutory six-month quarantine period as long as your pet has a passport. This is a land of pet lovers, so cat- and dog-friendly accommodation can easily be found. The rolling hills and country lanes are a dog walker’s paradise, and your accommodation will usually have a private garden with room for your pets to exercise.

Staffordshire, England | Property 6541383



Greece beach holidays can be great fun for your dog. What better way to entertain your four-legged friend than with the joys of sand and sea? It’s best not to go in summer, however, as the high temperatures might not be good for your pet. Spring is greatly preferable. Most holiday lettings here are air conditioned, giving your pet a chance to cool off.

Peloponnese, Greece | Property 1203889



France is a country where dogs are allowed almost everywhere. The French love our canine friends, and many restaurants welcome them. What could be more pleasant than sitting outside a pavement café sipping a refreshing drink with your furry companion enjoying a bowl of water by your side? You’ll find well-behaved dogs welcome at many of the tourist attractions.

Rhone-Alpes, France | Property 1606829a



Holiday lettings in Scotland generally provide dog-friendly holidays, with cats welcome too. You just need to know, if you’re considering staying somewhere off the beaten track, to make sure your pet is comfortable with travelling in the car or on public transport. Otherwise, the wide-open spaces of this beautiful country are perfect for romping with your dog.

Melrose, Scotland | Property 1752271


Switzerland isn’t actually a member state of the EU but is happy to cooperate in the general rules governing transport of pets across her borders. Dogs can travel on Swiss public transport—whether train, bus, or boat—with a Day Card For Dogs pass. Small dogs less than 30 cm high can travel for free. Most Swiss restaurants will allow a well-behaved pet.

Bever, St. Moritz, Switzerland | Property 514092



Imagine relaxing in villas with pool in Spain with your pet by your side. You can both jump in the water to cool off. Spain is a very easy-going country regarding where you can take your dog. In fact, the larger cities tend to have dog exercise and toilet areas. Just remember it may not be a good idea to bring your pet during the height of summer, which can be especially hard on large dogs. Always make sure they have an adequate supply of drinking water.

Costa de la Luz, Spain | Property 550104



To enter Austria, your pet must have an ISO microchip. The country imposes a limit of three animals per person, and vaccination details should be in German or have a translation attached. Austria is a very dog-friendly country, and you’ll be able to take your pet on public transport and in most restaurants. You can share some vigorous exercise with your pet in this mountainous and exciting landscape.

Tirol, Austria | Property 8763185



Turkey has actually adopted the rules and regulations of the EU regarding pet entry across her borders. Only one cat and one dog are allowed, however. This country is a fascinating mixture of east and west, with beach holidays, winter skiing in the mountains, and fascinating architectural sites. A home stay in Turkey is guaranteed to provide plenty to do for all the family and pets.

Turquoise Coast, Turkey | Property 57189



Holiday cottages in Wales tend to be very welcoming for dogs, and it’s not unusual to find cat-friendly cottages too. The mountainous, green landscape of the country is a haven for dog walkers, and it’s a sure thing that you and your canine chum will both get plenty of exercise. The cool, moist climate here will be kind to your pet.

Pembrokeshire, Wales | Property 6534809



Montenegro, a country in the Balkans on the Adriatic Sea, is known for its superb coastal scenery and the exciting mountainous region inland. There is plenty to do for adventure holidays that can involve your dog. Walking is the obvious choice, but he might enjoy accompanying you sailing or mountain biking too. Provided your dog is fit and healthy, why not take him up into the mountains where you can enjoy an adventure together?

Kotor, Montenegro | Property 4253495




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