America’s Most Pet-Friendly Companies of 2019


“Studies have shown how pets can have a positive impact on our own health and wellbeing – from lowering resting blood pressure to reducing stress – but now people are thinking about how those benefits translate to the work environment,” Dr. Danielle Bernal, staff veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food, said in a statement. “With more companies realizing that pets can improve the working experience, more are going above and beyond to cater to our new furry officemates and make sure they are happy and healthy from 9 to 5.”


The complete list of America’s Most Pet-Friendly Companies of 2019 is below.

  1. Amazon in Seattle, Washington: The Amazon offices can have up to 6,000 dogs on campus at one time. To serve all of these adorable employees, the offices offer multiple dog parks, and dog treats at every desk.
  2. Harpoon Brewery in Boston, Massachusetts: This brewery is always happy to open their doors to dogs, offering them plenty of space in their offices and access to the Boston Seaport. Canines are also allowed to accompany their owners on special “Dogtoberfest” beer tasting events.
  3. Trupanion in Seattle, Washington: The pet insurance company makes sure to take care of their own. Along with allowing pets in their offices, Trupanion also provides on-site dog walkers and vet services.
  4. Ben & Jerry’s in Burlington, Vermont: This ice cream company is also sweet on pets. Ben & Jerry’s has a Canine Culture Committee that provides employees with pet parenting tips and access to veterinary experts. Dogs, of course, are always welcome at the office.
  5. Contently in New York, New York: Dogs are given free roam at the offices of the content marketing platform company. Employees are also encouraged to share pet parenting tips, pet photos and dog-sitting availability.
  6. Procore in Carpinteria, California: The Procore offices hosts happy hours for company dogs and their owners, and plenty of green spaces for pets to enjoy when they visit during business offers. Employee pets are also covered under the company’s insurance package, which includes pet insurance.
  7. Ticketmaster in Los Angeles, California: Dogs are welcome at the Ticketmaster offices, and are covered at home with pet insurance provided by the company.
  8. PetSafe in Knoxville, Tennessee: When employees’ pets visits the PetSafe offices, they are put to work. One of the perks of having an owner that works at a pet brand, is that you get to test all the products.
  9. TripAdvisor in Needham, Massachusetts: Dogs are always welcome to visit and roam around the offices of this travel company.
  10. Purely Elizabeth in Boulder, Colorado: Purely Elizabeth is a natural food brand dedicated to making humans feel good, so of course the company encourages employees to bring their pets to work.

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