The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets (Part 2 out of 5: Airline Policies)

Learn About Your Airline’s Pet Policy

Photo courtesy of: DaPuglet

Just like different countries have different rules, traveling with pets can vary by airline as well. Make sure you are informed about all requirements and restrictions before flying with a pet in the plane and the terminal too. Try to book a direct flight so you won’t have to deal with stopovers. Moving your pet from one plane to another could be stressful and increase the chances of losing them.

You’ll also need to make different arrangements for in-cabin pet travel versus cargo pet travel. Sometimes, smaller “pocket pets” are allowed in the cabin, like birds, hamsters, and reptiles. Larger animals like dogs and cats are usually housed in a back area. Ask about the environment they will be in while on the plane to see if you need to provide extra blankets, water, or even a comfort item like their favorite stuffed animal.

Most airlines have specific web pages that describe their policies on pets, as well as how to make in-cabin or cargo arrangements. Here some links to specific pages with airline information about traveling with pets:


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