The Best Pet Sitting Services and Hotels in Hong Kong

With the summer now officially upon us, we’re packing our suitcases and jetting off to adventures abroad. The only downside is having to leave our beloved pets behind, but fear not, because Hong Kong has pet sitting services and hotels to suit every budget. From five-star establishments to local pet sitters who wait on your buddy hand and foot, your only problem might be persuading them to come back home afterwards.

Boarding Services

Judging by the luxury standards of some of these establishments, you might be tempted to cancel your Christmas vacation and bunk up with your four-legged friends instead. Just remember to book in advance, particularly ahead of peak seasons.

Dog Cheers

Perhaps the trendiest hotel of them all, Dog Cheers (pictured above) boasts nine private rooms, full grooming and spa services, and a spacious outdoor terrace that can be hired out for private BBQs and parties. Located in Chai Wan, which is ideal for island pooches, the spacious rooms accommodate dogs big and small, and also allows canine pals to bunk together. The fun doesn’t stop there either, with monthly workshops and adoption events for you to pop in your post-holiday diary.

Prices start at $485 per night
Dog Cheers4C, Man Foong Industrial Building, Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan, (+852) 3709 2966


With 110 years of experience under its belt, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has the welfare of your pets pumping through its veins. Cats and dogs are welcomed into spacious accommodation, which is well ventilated and soundproof. Each furry guest will receive daily one-on-one leisure time to play and interact, and their eating habits will be monitored to ensure they are happy and healthy during their stay.

Prices start at $90 for cats and $180 for dogs per night
SPCAlocations vary, (+852) 2232 5501

Ferndale Kennels & Cattery

Nestled amid Sai Kung’s scenic hills, Ferndale’s Kennels & Cattery is a country escape for furry friends. Owned and run by Stacy, who has 10 years of veterinary experience, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your pet is in capable hands. Dogs can frolic around the large, secure compound by themselves (unless requested, your dog won’t come into direct contact with other guests), with hill walks and ball games for longer-term guests. Of course, not all the fun is reserved for the woofs – cats have an indoor gym to get their claws stuck into.

Prices start at $140 for cats and $170 for dogs per night
Ferndale Kennels & Cattery
SX-2031, Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung Country Park, (+852) 2791 9330 


Petworld Resort

Much more than a place to sleep, Petworld Resort (pictured above) is the ultimate holiday escape for canine pals. Climate controlled suites, swimming pools, hydrotherapy facilities, social training – this place has the lot. Plus, exercise and playtime with the Petworld Resort team, who are dog owners themselves, is the order of the day – every day. Senior dogs will receive specialised care, collection services are available, and all owners are kept up to date with photos throughout their loved one’s stay.

Prices start at $350 per night
PetWorld Resort
No. 351, Shui Mei Tseun, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, (+852) 2470 6928

Dog Dayz

For a truly home-like experience, check out Dog Dayz in Sai Kung – the only fully licensed home boarding facility in Hong Kong. Passionate dog owner Andrew has dedicated the entire ground floor of his house to his canine lodgers and ensures that all guests are fully satisfied with long walks, large grounds, heating in the winter, air con in the summer, and individual mats and blankets. Due to the sociable nature of Dog Dayz, an appointment with both you and your dog is required in advance to ensure your canine is well suited.

Prices start at $300 per night during low season, $320 per night during high season
Dog DayzPak Tam Chung, Sai Kung Country Park, (+852) 9284 1491/ (+852) 2987 1597

Pet Field

With 60 spacious rooms ready for the taking, Pet Field is a popular option for both cats and dogs. While you’re away, your furry friends will tuck into natural pet food, enjoy exercise twice a day, and even check out the professional grooming and training services if you wish. This is a particularly good option for older pets, with a daily body check and WhatsApp video report available for a mere $20 fee.

Prices start at $190 per night
Pet Field60 Ta Shek Wu, Fan Kam Road, Pat Heung, Yuen Long, (+852) 2488 6736

Kennel Van Dego

Kennel Van Dego

One of the largest boarding establishments in the city, Kennel Van Dego (pictured above) has a whopping seven exercise playgrounds on site! Of course, not only dogs can have fun here, with live entertainment in the form of bird-watching rooms for your feline friends. Founded in 1981, Kennel Van Dego has earned the endorsement of pet organisations and vets due to its clean and spacious facilities, good service, and reasonable prices.

Prices start at $130 for cats and $180 for dogs per night
Kennel Van Dego1-3 Shek Hang Village, Yan Yee Road, Tai Mong Tsai, Sai Kung, (+852) 2792 6889

Countryside Pets Hotel

With two branches in Kowloon City and Tuen Mun, Countryside Pets Hotel is ideal for doggies and moggies that demand the finer things in life. After a relaxing night in their premium rooms, furry friends can gaze out of their private window, pop into the grooming department, and saunter outside to play in the canopied park (heaven forbid the rain should ruin their hairdo). Each guest is treated to three strolls per day, a weekly bath, two meals, and filtered water. You can book your pup in for a swimming session too, while cats have a whole array of toys, furniture, and springboards to play around with. Happy holidays indeed!

Prices start at $190 in Tuen Mun and $280 in Kowloon City per night (discounts available for extended stays)
Countryside Pets Hotel Kowloon City, 76 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City, (+852) 3422 8818Countryside Pets Hotel Tuen MunShop 3, 5 Tsing Min Path, Kim Po Building, Tuen Mun, (+852) 2661 1710


Looking for a sparkly, five-star establishment? Look no further. With stylists, shopping, spa treatments (well, who could turn down an Ultrasonic-Hydro Bath?) – Dogotel is the ultimate pooch pampering spot. In addition to luxurious boarding facilities, this hotel offers organic meals, animal psychology, celebrity dog training courtesy of Mr Cheung Chung Chiu, and a year-round discount for all members.

Prices start at $500 per night
Dogotel & Spa BoutiqueG/F, 122B Argyle Street, Kowloon, (+852) 2711 0019
Dogotel & Spa LuxeG/F, 21 Yik Yam Street, Happy Valley, (+852) 2836 5001

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 Pet Sitters and Home Visits

Moving to a new, unfamiliar place with lots of other animals can be unnerving for some pets, and who will care for smaller animals such as mice, birds, and fish? Thank goodness Hong Kong has multiple pet sitting and home visit services to choose from. While you’re away, these pet-loving teams will ensure your animal pals are fed, watered, and cuddled in relaxing, homely surroundings.

Cat Sitter Hong Kong

Devoted to the well-being of feline friends, Cat Sitter Hong Kong will visit your home up to three times per day, for a minimum of 30 minutes each time, to feed, play, and entertain your puss. With six years worth of successful cat sitting and gleaming testimonials to boot, you can rest easy that this cat-loving team will take good care of your moggy. To put your mind at ease, you can opt for updates via text or email, and even a temporary webcam, in addition to the daily visit status on the website. Medication can be administered, special care carried out, and behavioural modification therapy put into action if you should wish. All Cat Sitter Hong Kong requires is an in-house meeting to meet your feline friends and ensure its team can fulfil their needs.

Prices start at $150 per visit
Cat Sitter Hong Kong(+852) 9481 9661


Furry friends unite! With 15 sitters across the city, the Furrenz team is never far away. From 15-minute potty breaks to overnight pet sitting, the power really is in your hands – plus, you’ll receive daily email updates to keep you in touch with your pet. Founded in 2013, Furrenz is certified by Walks N Wags and Pet First Aid, and is a member of Pet Sitters International. In addition to doting on your precious pets, Furrenz will also water your plants, collect your mail, and take out the rubbish.

Prices start at $135 for small animals, $155 for dogs, and $190 for cats per visit
Furenz(+852) 8199 9813

Wish You Were Here

Run by devoted pet owners with a decade of experience in pet handling, Wish You Were Here ensures that your pets are fed, groomed, exercised, and loved while you’re away. Backed by veterinary organisations, services start with daily one-hour visits and extend to full-time care, with overnight stays available upon request. Catering for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds and fish, Wish You Were Here is ideal for families with multiple animal members – especially as discounts come into play for multi-pet homes and additional visits.

Contact the team to find out costs
Wish You Were Here
(+852) 6252 9821



Perhaps the easiest service on our list to navigate, Pawshake (pictured above) provides care for your pets in just a few simple clicks. Browse the online listings of community pet sitters across the city, check out their online bio, and put your mind at ease with reviews and ratings from previous customers. From daily visits to dog walks, and daycare to full-blown house sitting, you’re bound to find a Pawshake sitter perfectly suited to your needs.

Prices start at $100 per visit
Pawshake, 3/F, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road, Tin Hau

Best Furry Friends

Dogs, rabbits, birds, and tortoises – Best Furry Friends has experience looking after animals of all shapes and sizes. Offering dog walking, dog boarding, pet visits, and full-time sitting, you’re bound to find the perfect arrangement for your pet. If you opt for pet sitting, your Best Furry Friend team member will water your plants too. Healthy pet, healthy plants – who can complain?

Prices start at $170 per visitBest Furry Friends(+852) 9835 5447

 Royal Pets

Ensuring your animal friends get the royal treatment they deserve, Royal Pets is a pet sitting service for Hong Kong’s cats and dogs. Some members of the Royal Pets team welcome your buddies into their house, and others offer house-visits which is ideal for retaining your pet’s routine. We must say, Royal Pets offer great value for money with a daily fee of $300 for dog boarding services – including food, care, and three walks per day! If you’d prefer to keep things in-house, various time slots are available and overnight stays can be organised. Missing your furry pal? See what they’re up to through a webcam service which is attached to your iPhone!

Prices start at $140 for cats and $300 for dogs per visit
Royal Pets(+852) 6314 9887


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