The Best Cat Carriers of 2019

Here are the best cat carriers of 2019 by Chuck Tannert, Forbes Staff :


For Big Cats

Sherpa Delux Pet Carrier

Best cat carriersa

Suitable for pets up to 22 pounds, this carrier is more than capable of housing a cat with plenty of room to spare. In fact, it’s the most spacious carrier I tested. That little extra room went a long way toward keeping the scratcher calm. Plus, the bag is airline-approved. Even so, call ahead to make sure it will actually fit under the seat in front of you.

Airline approved

Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier

Best cat carrier

Accepted by Southwest, American, JetBlue, Delta, Virgin, United and more, the Pawfect is small enough to fit under most airplane seats, but large for your cat to move around. The carrier is well ventilated, mesh durable, and the zips have mini-buckles to ensure they don’t come loose. The handle is also comfortable and it’s a nicely balanced. The Pawperfect also comes with two fleece padded mats of the best quality, which means you can quickly replace the flooring in case there are any spills or accidents.

Brick House

Petmate Two Door Top Load

Best cat carrier

What you sacrifice in style with this carrier, you make up for in brawn. Plastic carriers like this one are sturdy, secure, and allow for top loading. Cleaning up spills is as easy as replacing the mat inside and giving it a quick wipe-down. One of this Petmate’s best features is that its hinges are strong so you can rest easy knowing your cat isn’t making a run for it.

Fashion Forward

Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier

Best carrier

This top- and front-loading cat carrier has the most unusual look of any carrier I tested. The top and bottom zip off, you fold the sides down, then zip the hard top to the hard bottom to store it flat. That design means it’s easy to store, and you can put your cat in through the top opening.


PetPuppy Premium Airline-Approved Expandable Pet Carrier

Best carrier cats

Frequent flyers find that this carrier fits under front cabin seats of major airline planes, and with expandable its side sections, this model is ideal for giving pets the ample stretching space they need without having to walk around. One of my cats is 10 pounds and can stretch all the way out in it when sides are unfolded. Now that’s spacious.

On Wheels

PetLuv Happy Cat Carrier

Best cat carriers

For an all-around great cat carrier with stellar design and versatility, I’m a big fan of PetLuv’s Happy Cat carrier. It’s easy to customize based on your pet’s mood: it can be left completely open (great for getting your cat used to it at home), closed with mesh covers (perfect for most trips), or completely closed for a darker, more comforting environment. It includes seat belt loops for safety during car rides, plus four separate access panels—reducing the sometimes-stressful process of getting your friend in and out. The included cat bed is soft and plush and can be machine-washed for quick cleanup. ( p.s. Don’t ever tell your cat it can even handle a small dog.)

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