You must present the Mexican border authorities with an original and a certified copy of a veterinary health certificate that has been issued within 15 days prior to export. 

Have your veterinarian issue a health certificate. It must be printed on the veterinary clinic’s letterhead, and contain the license number of the certifying veterinarian as proof of that veterinarian’s right to exercise his/her profession. The certificate must be printed; hand written documents will be rejected. No official endorsement (signature by a CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) veterinarian) is required if this option is chosen.

Source: https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/montreal/index.php/en/foreigners/services-foreigners/312-taking-pets-to-mexico

1. The health certificate must contain the following information:

  • Issued by an official veterinarian of the competent authority or if it is private, on letterhead, with the printed professional identification number or photocopy of it (or its equivalent).
  • Name and address of the owner/exporter (in the country of origin or origin) and if applicable of the importer (address of destination in Mexico).
  • Date of application of the vaccine against rabies and its validity (animals under 3 months of age are exempt).
  • Certify that in the pre-trip inspection, the animal or animals were clinically healthy.
  • That the animal or animals have been internally and externally dewormed, within the previous six months and are free of ectoparasites.
  • If you do not comply with the above, you must contact a Veterinarian (of your choice and by your account in Mexico), who will issue the health certificate and apply the corresponding treatment.

2. Your pet must enter Mexico in a conveyor or container, clean, without a bed, without implements or accessories (toys, treats, prizes or other objects, made with ingredients of ruminant origin), otherwise, they will be removed for destruction. The conveyor or container will receive preventive treatment by spraying by the official personnel of SAGARPA-SENASICA. Your dog/cat may enter with its necklace, strap, etc.

3. You may bring a ration of the day of balanced food in bulk. We remind you that in Mexico there is this type of food that has the Registration and Authorization of SAGARPA-SENASICA.

4) If you send your pet as cargo, check the requirements on the airline of your choice and consider the need to use the services of a customs agent for its release before Customs.

If you want to enter Mexico with an animal, other than a dog or cat, you must comply with the requirements of the Zoosanitary Import Requirements Consultation Module. Please send an email to reqzoosan.dgsa@senasica.gob.mx