Smart Devices That Will Make a Pet Owner’s Life Easier

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Pets are smart, so they deserve a home that’s smart. There are a variety of smart devices developed to help owners take care of their pets better. These devices help owners stay connected to their pets when away, be less worried about their pets’ safety, make daily activities fun and enjoyable. Below are few such products.

Pet Feeders

These are devices that dispense food to your pets. Smart pet feeders make sure that your pet gets food on time in the right quantity. It lets you schedule your pet’s meals, control portion size and also the feeding speed. Such controlled pet feeding not only makes sure that your pet is fed on time but also promotes healthy digestion keeping their weight in control. Speed control helps to prevent gulping and choking.

No Bark Collar

As the name suggests, these are devices to train your dogs’ barking habits. When dogs bark for a reason, it’s acceptable. But, there might be times or situations when you need your pet to stay calm and quiet. Such instances might call a need for such a device. Different dogs might need a different level of deterrent to control the barking. As a result, there are a variety of no-bark collars in the market from those giving out small vibrations to static shocks. Apart from this, the collars are also equipped to sense barking. Some use sound sensors while others sense the vibration of vocal cords. These collars may also have additional features like being waterproof, rechargeable and size adjustable.

Another type of dog collar that has become quite popular is the one that sprays a mist of citronella, usually disliked by dogs when they bark. This type of collar helps train your dogs to understand when they need to stop barking.

Smart Pet Doors

Electronic doors are now available which use different technologies to control them. You can choose the one that best fits your needs. The most common one is controlling the doors remotely using your smartphone. Also called as App-controlled pet doors, these have a variety of features to control the doors for your pets. The door is only accessible to your pet who would be wearing an RFID or microchip embedded collar ensuring no stray dogs enter your home. You can control the duration of time when the door is opened and closed. Apart from controlling the door, the app also allows real-time monitoring of the pet’s location. It can analyse and generate reports on the pet’s movement patterns.

Latest award-winning development in smart pet doors is its ability to dust off any bugs, allergens or dirt on your pet’s body as they enter the home. This is not only important to keep your house clean but also for your pet’s health.

Smart Collar

Pet collars embedded with smart sensors and GPS trackers are used to monitor your dogs or cats whenever required. The collar can be synced to an app on your smartphone and you can conveniently keep a tap on your pet with a click on your phone. It is also possible to designate safe zones for your pets to wander. Drifting away from this zone would immediately send an alert on your phone so you can take quick action. Some of these collars can also monitor certain health parameters like temperature and notify you if attention is required. An additional feature like light and sound can be useful to avoid accidents and aid in training respectively.

The collars are usually battery operated and required to be charged regularly.

Smart Water Fountain

Tracking your pet’s water intake can be crucial. Deviations in drinking habits can point to hidden health conditions like kidney problems or urinary tract troubles. This is where the smart water fountain comes in handy. It not only pumps water for your pets to drink, but it also keeps a tab on the quantity of water your pet drinks and lets you track this on an app.

Smart drinking fountain automatically turns off the pump when no water is left in the fountain and needs a refill (to prevent a motor burnout). Some of them have an LED indicator to alert you when the filter needs to be changed.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The ultimate device for cat owners. It provides an outstanding way of easy feline waste management. The best ones come with fully automated sensors to run sifters through the pan.

The latest innovation is the addition of a self-flushing system which, apart from a reduction in efforts, is an eco-friendly system. It provides a truly hands-free experience that can be easily hooked up to your existing toilet, and waste can be eliminated without having to touch your pet’s litter box.

Some self-cleaning litter boxes have antimicrobial surfaces, so your house feels fresher for longer.


If you’re looking for a way to up your home to make it pet-friendly, these devices are must-have additions to give your pets what they deserve. They will not only make your life easier but also ensure your home’s cleanliness and maintain a pet’s good health and hygiene.

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