Simple Tips For Enjoyable Hotel Stays With Your Pet

If you’re like most pet parents, you prefer to bring your furkids along when you travel.  This often leads to booking a pet friendly hotel, where you and your pets will stay during your trip.  We’ve come up with some simple tips to help ensure that both you and your furry sidekick are prepared for your hotel stay, and to make it as stress-free as possible.

Choose the best room

Many pet friendly hotels allow people and their pets to stay in rooms on the ground floor.  This is recommended, as you’ll be closer to an exit when it comes to taking your pooch outdoors for those necessary potty breaks.

Take your pets to specified potty areas

When you check in at the hotel, ask the staff about the appropriate outdoor space that is designated as the dog potty area.  Be sure to follow the hotel’s rules for using this space, and bring baggies along to clean-up after your pet.

Get their wiggles out

It’s important to make sure your pets get some exercise, which can help them get their wiggles out and relieve any anxiety they may be feeling in their new surroundings.  Exercise also helps tire out pets, which will keep them more calm and lead to a restful night’s sleep.  Ask the hotel staff about nearby places to take your pets for a walk or a jog.

Place the litter box wisely

If you happen to be traveling with your feline family members, it’s best to place their litter boxes in the bathroom.  This location makes any necessary clean-up much easier.

Going out without your pet?

Some pet friendly lodgings will let you leave your pet in the room when you’re not there.  However, we advise that you never leave your pet unattended unless it’s an absolute necessity.  Pets who have the best temperament and are very well-behaved can still bark and act destructively in unfamiliar settings.

If you must leave your pet alone, make sure it’s just for a short time.  Also, let the hotel’s front desk staff know that your pet is alone in the room.  And while you’re gone, you may be able to make your pet feel more relaxed by putting on the TV or playing the radio.  If you have brought along a crate or kennel, place your pets in there when you leave.  Don’t forget to put a note on the room door to let others know that your pet is in the room.

Don’t forget the pests and smells

Give your pets a thorough cleaning before you leave home, and make sure they are free of any fleas and ticks.  Leaving the hotel room with a bad odor, or worse, with fleas and ticks, often leads to the accommodations re-thinking their pet friendly policies.  Additionally, if you have to pay a pet deposit, these issues can keep you from getting your money back.

Take care of any accidents

Pets who are fully potty trained and have never had an “accident” inside may still do so if they are feeling stressed.  Pack a disinfectant and a cleaning rag, just in case you have to clean up after your pet inside the room.  Once again, leaving a mess behind may cause you to lose your deposit.

Restrain your pets

Be sure to keep your pets on a leash.  Also, keep them away from dining areas, as well as other places in and around the hotel that are off-limits.  This will help to ensure that you’re all welcomed back for a future visit!


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