SAS Scandanavian Airlines Pet Policy


When traveling with SAS, you can take your pet with you on any trip. It will travel safely and in comfort, either in the cabin or in the cargo section.

Depending on the animals’ breed, size and requirements, they can travel as a carry-on, be checked in or transported with SAS Cargo

You must reserve a space for your pet within 24 hours of booking your ticket by contacting SAS Customer Service ( have the carrier measurements at hand when calling). You will receive a notification within 24 hours if we are able to accommodate your request.


  • General information
    • You are required to complete a document before traveling with animals (except for on domestic flights in Sweden, Norway and Denmark).
    • Only dogs and cats may accompany you in the cabin (except for in SAS Business where no pets/animals are allowed). Other pets/animals must travel in the cargo hold.
    • If you wish to bring a kitten or puppy, it must be at least eight weeks old. If it is less than 14 weeks old, you need a veterinary’s certificate stating it is approved for air transport.
    • Pets or animals are not permitted on charter flights with SAS.
    • Service dogs, emotional support animals or other service animals (such as rescue dogs) travel for free in the cabin with SAS, when on active duty. You may bring one service animal per person.
    • Remember to have the correct documentation certifying your pet’s health, for entering and traveling through all countries on the flight. If possible, your pet should have a microchip or a tattoo as well as a pet passport for travel within or to the EU.
    •  Different countries have different conditions for bringing animals into their country. For this reason, you need to get all the necessary information before booking your ticket.
    • If you are continuing your trip on another airline, other rules may apply. 
  • Pets in the cabin
    • An animal traveling in the cabin is considered one item of carry-on baggage
    • You may only carry an animal in a container/carrier suitable for flight transport of animals. This can be a Sherpa bag or another soft-sided pet carrier, available at pet stores.
    • The maximum dimensions for a container/carrier are 40 x 25 x 23 cm.
    • The container/carrier must also be large enough for the animal to stand up, lie down and turn comfortably. If you don’t fulfill these requirements you may not be allowed to bring your animal onboard.
    • The maximum weight of a container/carrier, including the animal, is 8 kg. 
    • The animal must remain inside the container/carrier and be placed under the seat in front of you for the entire flight.
    • Travelers may only bring one container/carrier per person.
    • Up to two cats or dogs can travel in the same container/carrier, if it fits under the seat in front of you and its total weight does not exceed 8 kg.
      At SAS, you pay a flat rate per container/carrier and direction (outbound or inbound, including connections).
  • Pet in the cargo hold
    • Animals checked in as cargo must travel in transport containers/carriers that are leakproof, solid, tight, clean and disinfected.
    • The container/carrier must be made of fiberglass, metal (not welded or wire mesh), rigid plastic, solid wood or plywood with handles on the sides and a solid floor (net floors are not accepted).
    • The container/carrier must be equipped with containers for food and water and the bottom of the container/carrier must be covered with a layer of newspaper or sawdust (not hay or straw).
    • For the animal’s comfort, the container/carrier must be large enough for the animal to stand up, lie down and turn comfortably. If the carrier does not fulfill these requirements, you may not be able to transport your animal.
    • SAS only transports containers/carriers approved by veterinary authorities. Containers and carriers are available at Trust Forwarding .
    • Animals weighing more than 14 kg each must travel in separate containers/carriers. 
    • Two adult animals of comparable size up to 14 kg each can be transported in the same container/carrier if they are accustomed to living together.
    • Up to three animals can be transported together if they are under six months old and come from the same litter.
    • When animals are transported in the cargo hold, the air pressure and temperature are the same as in the passenger cabin. The availability of oxygen in the cargo hold for live animals limits the number and size of the animals that we can transport on the same flight.
    • On flights longer than three hours, serviced by Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft, the maximum allowable weight of each animal is 30 kg.  At SAS, you pay a flat rate per container/carrier and direction (outbound or inbound, including connections).
  • Pet exceptions
    • On SAS flights to or from Hong Kong and Dubai, animals must be sent as cargo and cannot be transported as checked baggage or in the cabin (except for service animals). For more information, contact Trust Forwarding .
    • On SAS flights to Iceland, you need an import license to transport an animal.
    • On SAS flights to and from the UK and Ireland, animals are not allowed to travel in the cabin or as checked baggage, except for certain service animals. Emotional support animals are not allowed.
    • Restrictions on the transport of animals in the cargo hold may occur.No animals allowed on any flights from Athens to Scandinavia, or on flights with CRJ or ATR aircrafts, during the period 15 June – 15 August 2019.

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