Puppy Love: The Valentine’s Day Getaway Of Your Doggy Dreams

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a sweet getaway for two (your dog and you) with the Puppy Love package at Union Station Hotel in downtown Nashville for all the holiday frills with the one who loves you most.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate a love that never lets you down by taking your pup on vacation!GETTY

If you find yourself single at this stage, there’s a good chance you’re not going to make exciting holiday plans with a new love interest in the next fourteen days, but why not make adorable plans with the real love of your life? Yes, I’m talking about the one who’s always thrilled to see you when you come home, who wants nothing more than to smother you with kisses and who likely has four legs and a tail. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a sweet getaway for two (your dog and you) with the Puppy Love package at Union Station Hotel in downtown Nashville for all the holiday frills with the one who loves you most.

Cuddle the holiday away with your best friend(s) this year!UNION STATION HOTEL


Available from February 7 to 17, the warm-and-fuzzy Puppy Love package accentuates Nashville’s dog-friendly restaurants and recreational activities with indulgent perks at the historic 4-star Autograph Collection hotel. Check out the following top highlights of the package for ultimate personal- and pooch-pampering this Valentine’s Day!

1. LAB wine and puppy chow

Jumpstart your dog-themed weekend with puppy chow and LAB wine.GETTY

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Dogs shouldn’t drink alcohol (duh), but that’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a toast to your fabulous holiday weekend together. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a welcome bottle of LAB red wine from Portuguese producer Casa Santos Lima and a yummy snack of “puppy chow” to kickoff your puptacular getaway. And don’t worry about your furry friend feeling left out of the festivities: Pups will receive a welcome toy specially selected from one of Union Station’s dog-approved local partners.

2. Puppy love photoshoot

Ham it up on the beautiful tiled entry of Union Station Hotel for a special keepsake.UNION STATION HOTEL


Pics or it didn’t happen! You already know your pup is the love of your life, but it’s time to let everyone else know with the perfect couples photo against Union Station’s Instafamous tile mosaic. Strike a pose together and walk away with your curated Polaroid, perfect for sharing online before framing it for your fridge back home. You’ll always have this memento of your charming vacation with the one who never lets you down!

3. Complimentary go bags

Union Station Hotel has the essentials covered.UNION STATION HOTEL


What’s a go bag? It’s a bag for when your vacay partner has to . . . go. Admittedly not the most glamorous of Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s a need that must be filled, and Union Station Hotel has you covered. It’s like getting socks for your birthday: You don’t necessarily want them, but you sure do need them. Union Station recently unveiled a new outdoor green space ideal for your dog’s daily needs, and the free go bags in your room will help you leave no traces. Take advantage of the fenced dog run, cozy up together by the fire pit or play a game of catch with complimentary balls available at concierge.

4. Shar-pei all day

Grad a drink with your pal at Carter’s.UNION STATION HOTEL


Union State Hotel is undoubtedly best known for its dramatic lobby featuring 65-foot barrel-vaulted ceilings, 10-foot chandeliers and century-old Tiffany-style stained glass. Take in the stunning surroundings here with your super sniffer by your side as you enjoy cocktails at the hotels’ dog-friendly restaurant and bar, Carter’s. Cocktails are only $10, and the list features poochy-pun drinks like the Shar-pei All Day and the Colorado Bulldog.

5. Spread the love

Welcome a new pooch to the family, or support another in his search for a new home.UNION STATION HOTEL


How lucky you are to enjoy a Valentine’s vacay with your special doggo, but not everyone has already found puppy love. Join Union Station Hotel and the Nashville Humane Association (NHA) for a special Valentine’s Day adoption party on February 16.  The hotel will host the NHA for a day of education, fund-raising and adoption for current and prospective dog parents, and partners like EarthWise Pet will be selling supplies while WJ Photography snaps portraits for new (and existing!) families. Even if you’re not looking to add to your family, stop by to support the cause and visit with all the adorable fur babies looking for their new homes!

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