Proper Cat Cafe Etiquette

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Greeting a Cat: Using Proper Cat Etiquette

A proper cat greeting just needs a finger. When walking into a cat cafe, for instance, don’t approach him. Go down on his level and extend your index finger at the same height as his nose. Don’t put it in his face or wiggle it around like a toy.

Cats approach each other in a round of nose-to-nose sniffing to determine familiarity. Your finger at the same height as the cat’s nose makes it a surrogate kitty nose. Hold your finger still and don’t advance toward the cat, give it the option to approach or not. By giving that choice it immediately reduces his stress level.


When the cat approaches he’ll do a little sniffing of your finger. If he wishes to interact further with you he may rub his cheek or side of his head along your finger or he may engage in flank rubbing your finger or hand (a respectful way to combine his scent with yours). If, after sniffing your finger, he stays still or backs away, then he’s NOT ready for further interaction… at least not this time.

Visiting a cat cafe

Always call if you plan to visit a cat cafe, as numbers are often limited, slots can fill up quickly, so booking ahead is recommended and in some cases essential.

Most cafes have a minimum age requirement, so always check so you won’t be disappointed.

An entry fee applies to almost all cat cafes, drinks and snacks are paid on top of it. Most cafes have a time limit of one to two hours included in the entry fee.

If you are visiting a cafe with a view to adopt, be aware that in most cases you will not be allowed to leave with the cat on the same day. Adoptions via cat cafes are to provide adopters and cats to meet and greet.


Follow the rules:

Each cafe will have its own set of rules. Always respect the rules, which are in place to keep the cats safe and stress-free.

  • Don’t disturb a cat who is asleep
  • Don’t pick up the cats
  • Keep your voice down
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Be respectful towards the animals
  • Don’t feed the cats

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