Swiss International Airlines

Carry-On Pet Policy:

Dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kg (weight including transport container) and larger dogs with protective or assistance functions (e.g. guide dogs for the visually impaired) may travel in the cabin. Your animal must be clean and healthy and must not annoy any of the passengers. It must not be dangerous or pregnant, and must not smell. There are no size and weight restrictions for dogs with protective or assistance functions. They travel free in the cabin, and do not have to be in a transport container. Emotional support dogs are only accepted free of charge on SWISS flights to/from the USA (including direct connections). For flights outside the USA the emotional support dog will be transported in the cabin or cargo department depending on weight and size – additional charges apply. Fees for flights vary by destination. For flights from Switzerland to Europe the rate is 60 CHF; Switzerland-Intercontinental is 90 CHF; within Europe is 50 EUR; Europe-Intercontinental is 70 EUR; Intercontinental-Europe is 100 USD/CAD; Intercontinental-Intercontinental via Europe is 100 USD/CAD.


Checked Baggage/Cargo Policy:

Animals that weight more than 8 kg (weight including transport container) or whose transport container is bigger than the permitted size (longer, higher or wider than 118 cm) must travel as checked cargo. Fees for flights vary by destination and by size of carrier. Medium carriers are considered 60 x 45 x 40 cm. Large carriers may be between 71 x 50 x 51 cm and 105 x 75 x 79 cm and weigh up to 14 kg. For flights from Switzerland to Europe the rate is 120 CHF for medium carriers and 240 CHF for large carriers; Switzerland-Intercontinental is 180 CHF for medium and 360 CHF for large; within Europe is 100 EUR for medium and 200 EUR large; Europe-Intercontinental is 150 EUR for medium and 300 EUR for large; Intercontinental-Europe is 200 USD/CAD for medium and 400 USD/CAD for large; Intercontinental-Intercontinental via Europe is 200 USD/CAD for medium and 400 USD/CAD for large.


Carrier Guidelines:

For pets traveling in the cabin, you must transport your animal in a soft container that is clean, escape-proof and scratchproof. The maximum container size is 118 cm (length + width + height). There must be enough space in it for the animal, which must remain fully in the transport container for the entire flight. It is not allowed to run around in the cabin. The transport container must remain stowed away under your seat for the duration of the flight. The nature of the seats on the Airbus 330/340 makes this impossible in Business and First Class. The crew will put the transport container in the wardrobe, in an overhead locker, or under an Economy Class seat for takeoff and landing.


Pet Reservations:

Inform the Service Center if you wish to take an animal with you on a SWISS flight. Please note that Switzerland has very strict entry laws for animals. If you fly directly to Switzerland, your pet will be checked by Customs at the airport. If the animal fails to meet the entry requirements, it will be confiscated by the Border Veterinary Service and must immediately return to its country of origin. This will be at the expense of the person who brought the animal into the country. If it is not possible to return the animal within 10 days, it will have to be put down. For further information, please refer to the website of the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office.


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