Alaska Airlines

Carry-On Pet Policy:

Alaska Airlines permits passengers 18 years or older to travel with small pets in the cabin of its aircraft for a fee of $100 each way. A customer may travel with a maximum of two carry-on pet containers in the main cabin when the adjacent seat is purchased by the same customer. Pets allowed in the passenger cabin include dogs, cats, rabbits, household birds, and tropical fish. Dogs and cats must be at least eight weeks old and must have been fully weaned for at least five days prior to travel. Pets may be transported in the passenger cabin on flights to and from Canada and Mexico. Alaska Airlines can only allow one pet, cat or dog, to travel to and from Hawaii due to there being additional requirements for travel to and from this state. All pets crossing state borders, with the exception of guide dogs, are required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to have a valid health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of travel. If an animal is being transported by a breeder, dealer, or research facility, then the health certificate must have been issued within 10 days. All animals crossing state borders to a cold weather destination are required to have a veterinarian’s note on the health certificate that they are acclimated to temperatures below 45°. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain this certification. Proof of rabies vaccination is required for animals traveling within the state of Alaska or when traveling across state lines. Proof of Parvo Virus vaccination is required before an animal can be transported to Nome or Kotzebue.


Checked Baggage/Cargo Policy:

Most small domesticated pets, including cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, non-poisonous reptiles, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, and tropical fish are permitted to travel in the climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments on Alaska Airlines’ flights. Other pets may be accepted with approval. If you are traveling with your pet, the fee is $100 (each way) for pets and containers having a combined weight of 150 pounds or less. For heavier pets and carriers, passengers should contact Alaska Airlines directly for pricing information.

As of May 21st, 2012, Alaska Airlines now only accepts kennels made with nuts and bolts for transport in the cargo compartment. When placing your pet in the checked baggage compartment, you should check in at least one hour, but no more than two hours, prior to your scheduled departure time. If your trip includes a transfer on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air, Alaska Airlines will allow a maximum connection time of four hours for your pet at the connection city.

If your trip includes a transfer to another airline, you must allow time to pick up your pet in the baggage claim area and re-check your pet with the connecting airline. Alaska Airlines does not transfer pets to other airlines. Due to the extreme temperatures that may be experienced in the cargo area of its aircraft, Alaska Airlines reserves the right to decline acceptance of animals for travel if temperatures are anticipated to fall within extreme ranges. Please contact Alaska Airline directly for more information if you are traveling during periods where the weather may be a factor.


Carrier Guidelines:

Pets traveling in the cabin must remain in an approved pet carrier at all times while onboard the aircraft, and no part of your pet’s body (including head and tail) may protrude from the container. Since the maximum size of the pet carrier varies, depending upon the type of aircraft on which you are flying, you should check Alaska Airlines’ website to confirm the exact dimensions allowed. Generally, pet carriers are limited in size to 24″ long x 14-19″ wide x 9-11″ high. Your pet must be able to stand up and move comfortably about the container. For pets traveling as checked baggage, a 500-size kennel is the largest pet carrier that Alaska Airlines will accept. Please contact Alaska Airlines directly for more information about restrictions on pet carriers as checked baggage.


Pet Reservations:

Because Alaska Airlines limits the number of pets per flight, it is essential that you reserve a ticket for yourself as well as your pet as soon as possible after confirming your travel plans. The First Class cabin can accommodate a total of one small pet per flight, and the main cabin can accommodate a total of up to five small pets per flight. Simply call 1-800-252-7522 and let the reservation agent know that you are flying with your pet, and the agent will confirm availability for you and your pet.

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