Selecting a car harness for your pets


The use of pet restraints during road travel helps in preventing accidents to happen. But because accidents DO happen, you to have the information you need to choose that product wisely.

Design is of Importance

Long extension tethers and zipline-style products increase the freedom of the dog in the backseat HOWEVER extension products actually increase the risk of distraction and injury to both you and your pet. Dogs that are not properly restrained can slip or fall into the passenger leg compartment and become a distraction. Using a harness product that does not have a tether is a better choice to prevent driver distraction.  


Condition your pet to the safety device to ensure positive user experience. This may take some time and depends on the pet but it will be well worth it.

Use the device on several short trips, and increasing the duration of those trips by 5 minutes every time. Use a positive voice and lots of pets and praise when you are done with your training trip. If your dog responds to treats, give them only at the end of the training trip (to avoid car sickness).

What Do You Need to Know

  • Just because a product claims crash testing – doesn’t mean it PASSED crash testing. In many cases, the grade of Pass is subjective and the manufacturer wants you to think they have completed ample due diligence.
  • Positive reviews you read about the product may be bought and paid for by the manufacturer. “Give us a positive review and receive 25% off your next purchase!” “We’ll give you a positive review in exchange for a product sample!” It happens every day. Be a wise consumer.
  • In the case of an accident, a crash protection product will help protect you and your family and give your pet the best possible chance of survival.

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