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Today if we are the travellers of the technology-driven bandwagon then why not our pets? After all, our pets are our companion, our friend, our guide, our caregiver, our mentor and sometimes our only abode of happiness. So let’s spare our time and loosen our pockets a bit to give our pets the best of technology for theirs as well our delectation.

As tech smart parents, let’s strive to make our pets too tech smart. Here are some of the trending technology-induced products which are sure to leg-up the overall lifestyle of your four-legged angel.

1)Automatic pet feeder

Bid adieu to the unproportioned diet or skipped meals of your pet, when you were busy attending some professional meets or were attending to some personal emergency. With multiple options available under the umbrella of automatic pet feeders here are some of the most popular names, which will relieve you of the hunger stress of your pets. You can easily control the operations of these feeders, greet your pet to a healthy meal and also pre-schedule the meals. The PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder, PetCul Automatic Pet Feeder, Wopet automatic pet feeder, Petsafe automatic pet feeder and Mospro programmable feeder are some of the top rated names in this chart.

2)Smart pet camera

Relief yourself from anxiety when your friend is far from your eye. Make a smart move to use these smart pet cameras which will let you keep an eye on the movement of your pet and also allow you to have two-way communication with them. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera, Zmodo EZCam, Furbo Dog Camera, PetChatz HD camera, Petzi Treat Cam, and YI Dome Camera are some of the popular pet cam options.

3)Automatic water dispenser

Quench the thirst of your pet with these smart tech water dispensing products like PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station, Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer and Heyrex Torus Self-Filling Pet Water Bowl. These water dispensers are a sure shot source of providing hygienic water to your pets even when you are not near them.

4)Health monitors

PetPace Smart Health Monitoring collar, Felcana and Petrics smart bed are the health monitors of your pet Afterall the health of your lovely friends is a matter of concern for you. These monitors provide you with the health vital of your pet and also alerts you in case of health emergencies or checkups.

5)Pet pacifiers

You must have often heard of baby pacifiers, but here is something for the pet parents i.e pet pacifiers. These tech smart products pacify the anxious pets of yours in a very structured manner.  Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs, ZenCrate smart bed is one such example and Pet tunes by Pet Acoustics are such tech products that calm your pet and provide them with a secure environment.

6)GPS enabled pet tracker

How much you love your pet is not hidden from us. So we bring you a list of GPS pet trackers which will let you have access to every movement of your pet, on your smart device even when the four-legged mischievous one is out of sight. Example: Paw tracker, Findster duo, POD 2 GPS + Wifi pet tracker and activity monitor, LINK AKC smart collar, Tractive Real-time GPS tracker, PetPace, Furtrieve, GIBI, Voyce and more.

7)Activity tracker and booster

CleverPet, iFetch automatic ball launcher, PupPod – Smart dog toy platform, FitBark, PlayDate- Pet camera smart ball are those technology-based products that can compensate your absenteeism when you are not around to physically play with your pets.

8)Automatic litter box

These are futuristic litter box options which let you relieve you of the off and on duty of cleaning /scooping your pet’s litter. These options scoop clean your pets dirty work s soon as the pet executes the nature’s call. Litter Robot III Open Air with Connect, LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter box, CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box are some of the smart automated litter box options for you.

9) Automatic pet trainer

Now pet training won’t be a time consuming and taxing task for pet parents anymore. Petsafe auto trainer, PetBot automatic dog trainer,  PetTutor- a  high tech system for training and games, Treat and Train remote reward dog trainer and PetSafe smart  Dog Bluetooth training collar being some of the trending pet training devices of the year 2019.

10)Pet bedding and comfort

Even your pet deserves a sound sleep to rejuvenate all its senses for that enthusiastic round of fun, games and activity. And so technology has done all the hard work to provide comfort to your pets in the form of Petrics smart bed and smart Ninja pet bed with Repelz-It. Try it to believe it.

After browsing through the entire technological world literature mentioned above, you must be now convinced to accustom yourself to the fact that technological advancement is not just limited to humans and their living space; but is also there for the super active and recharged four-legged cuties of ours. Now depending on the need of your pet, the size of your pocket and the environment you live in, you can initiate your investment in some of the tech-driven happiness as illustrated above. With a plethora of information from our end there is also one word of advice, that equip your pets with technology, but never substitute yourself with that technology.