Gong Xi Fur Cai ! How to bring your dog for CNY visits!

Still got some Chinese New Year visiting to do? Here’s our guide to a fuss-free visiting experience

5 key tips!

1. Comfortable clothing
It is especially tempting to dress Fido in the latest oriental garb when visiting with him, but take care to choose material that is soft and lightweight.

2. Safe nibbles
Many popular traditional Chinese New Year goodies like macadamia nuts, persimmons and raisins are potentially fatal for our furkids. Keep an eye on your furry pal, and bring along some doggy treats to keep him happy.

3. Commute well
Safety is of utmost importance when ferrying your furry family member around. When travelling in a car, small pooches should be placed in pet carriers while large dogs should be fitted with a harness anchored to a seatbelt.

4. Adequate rest
An entire day of non-stop visiting could tire your furkid out—always remember that pets require more sleep than humans. Space out your visits to fit in an afternoon nap, or end the day earlier.

5. Good behaviour
Prior to receiving guests, take your furkid for a long walk, or practise basic commands such as ‘sit’ to calm him down. This minimises the likelihood of Fido going into a frenzy when your home is packed with friends and relatives.

Source: https://www.petsmagazine.com.sg

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