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    What is considered an exotic pet?

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    “Exotic pet” describes any wild species kept for human pleasure or companionship. Often, exotic pets are kept as pets outside of their native continent.

    Some examples of exotic pets kept as pets are sugar gliders, hedgehogs, pythons – even lions and chimpanzees are kept as pets.

    Unfortunately, many consumers remain unaware of the origins of exotic pets, how the exotic pet trade affects wild populations, and how to care for exotic pets.

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    Are there risks to humans who own exotic pets?

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      Depending on the species, exotic pet ownership can entail a great many risks. As non-domesticated animals, exotic pets retain many of their wild instincts, even when born into captivity. Large, colorful parrots known as Macaws have caused serious injuries to owners. Owners of these birds have suffered severed fingers, gauged eyes, and torn lips and ears. Even small reptiles, such as turtles can transmit dangerous salmonella bacteria just by touch. Among the most dangerous exotic pets include apes, including chimpanzees. Not only are chimpanzees many times stronger than a grown man, they, like other non-human primates, are capable of transmitting serious diseases such as tuberculosis and measles to humans.

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    Is it wrong to own an exotic pet?

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      Owning an exotic pet entails certain risks and expenses and also requires ample time and knowledge and in many cases, applicable permits. However, many exotic pets are incapable of returning to their natural habitats as a consequence of spending their formative years in captivity. Some of these animals find themselves in exotic animal rescues, waiting for responsible adoptive homes. If you are considering exotic pet ownership, consider contacting a rescue, and make sure you have the knowledge, skill, time, and financial assets to care for the animal. That stated, some species of exotic animals, such as lions, primates, tigers, etc., should never be kept as privately-owned pets.

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