Are flights safe for my persian cat?

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    I’ve heard that flight pressure can be hard on animals with small snouts. Would it then be safe for me to bring my persian cat on a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur? Are there any measures in place to help my cat?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Because they tend to be smaller, most cats travel in carriers in the passenger cabin with their owners, so there are less reported deaths in cats. However, there are short-faced cat breeds, and they may also be prone to more respiratory problems than cats with normal-length faces – so be cautious if your short-faced cat needs to travel in the cargo hold.

    That facial configuration can cause all sorts of breathing problems during air travel. Just check with the airlines, because many airlines won’t allow the brachycephalic cat and dog breeds on board. Those policies result from the fact that the well being of these animals is at higher risk during flights.

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    James Smith

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    Sunil Kumar Prasad

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    Hi world!

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