• Where can I find airlines policies on pets? What happens when the animals travel in the planes cargo area?

    The best source of information is through the airline itself. There are a number of pet relocation services that are very good and have been helping people through the process for many years but my personal recommendation in dealing with a third party service provider is to trust but verify. The rules and regulations associated with pet travel often change and are very restrictive so it makes sense to get involved and know the details.

  • What type of paperwork is necessary for animals to travel? This is really important.
    There are often at least three sets of requirements that you need to comply with including: (i) requirements dictated by the city, state, country that you are leaving from, (ii) requirements that the airline has and (iii) requirements that stem from the city, state or country that you are traveling to which may or may not depend on whether you are moving there permanently. Speaking with someone who has experience in the process especially if they have gone through it is invaluable.
  • Which airlines allow pets in the main cabin?
    There are an increasing number of pet-friendly airlines including:

    • Adria
    • Aegean
    • Air Canada
    • AirFrance
    • Alaska Airlines
    • American Airlines
    • Austrian
    • Brussels Airlines
    • Delta Airlines
    • Frontier Airlines
    • Hawaiian Airlines
    • Horizon Air
    • Iberia
    • JetBlue
    • Lan Airlines
    • Lufthansa
    • Singapore Airlines
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Sun Country
    • Swiss International Airlines
    • Turkish Airways
    • United
    • Virgin America
    • West Jet
  • Where exactly do pets go on a plane and what is the experience?
    If your pet is traveling in the cargo section of the plane they will be in climate-controlled sections of the cargo hold. Baggage handlers typically strap animal crates in place and may wrap them with perforated air cushion rolls. Cargo hold size and conditions depend greatly on the type of plane and the airline that operates it. In many models, the baggage area takes up the level directly beneath the passenger cabins.
  • Are there YouTube Videos that are helpful to learn more?
  • Who can I contact for more help?
    Contact the airline for details including restrictions. Most airlines have a Pet Safe Program! This is often different from policies associated with service animals. Contact your vet for information about safe travel and most importantly the regulator in the city, state or country to which you are traveling to find out specific rules and regulations involving animals. There may be a quarantine period. Please use the forum section on this website to ask questions. There is likely someone who has already made the journey that you will be taking with their pet so they can help offer advice!