Dog-Friendly Restaurant Etiquette


Dog-friendly restaurants are popping up everywhere but enjoying a meal at a restaurant with your dog is a privilege, so proper dog restaurant etiquette is a must.

1. Leashed Dogs Only

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When dining at dog-friendly restaurants, keep your dog on a short leash. This prevents dogs from bugging nearby guests while they eat, snatching fallen food crumbs from nearby tables, or jumping on tables and servers. While most tie dog’s leash to the chair or table, it’s best to attach it to yourself instead.

2. No Barking Please


Barking dogs will be asked to leave. If your dog barks at people or dogs, it’s better to leave him at home. If your dog becomes fearful, worried, stressed or vocal, ask your server to box your meal up to go. It’s the right thing to do for your dog. 

3. Polite Manners are a Must

Dogs should sit quietly near their pet owners and relax while waiting at dog-friendly restaurants. Most dogs though easily get excited around people so before going to a dog-friendly restaurant, make sure he’s able to “sit,” “down” and “stay” on cue in high distraction areas. Additionally, dogs shouldn’t jump up on people or pull on the leash. 

4. Bring a Portable Water Bowl

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Bring along a water bowl. Ask your server for a glass of water, and pour it into your dog’s bowl. Place your dog’s bowl under your table to avoid guests’ feet or your dog from knocking it over.

5. Choose a Quiet Location

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Ask for a table off in a corner and away from high traffic areas. Be reminded that not all guests like dogs and many may startle when seeing a dog in their path. A quiet location prevents guests and servers from stepping on your dog and provides a nice place for your dog to truly relax.

6. Keep Your Dog Busy

It is near impossible to expect a dog to sit quietly for an hour around food, noise and fast-moving people in a strange location. High-value treats will keep your dog busy for 10-20 minutes, depending on your dog’s chewing style. If your dog refuses to chew or lick high-value treats, he may be nervous, so ask the server to box your food up to go.

As pet owners, take your time and teach your dog how to politely react in a restaurant environment.

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