The Vaccinations Your Cat Must Have

Cats don’t actually have nine lives, so you need to do what you can to protect them. The key? The right vaccinations. Shots protect your cat from diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. They can also strengthen her immune system. Cat Vaccination Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, your vet can help you figure out which ... Read More

Which Dog Vaccinations Are Necessary?

Only you and your dog’s vet can decide what vaccinations are necessary for your dog. No one wants to put their dog through discomfort, and the vaccination schedule seems endless. You may question whether all of these vaccinations are really necessary. We’ll help you learn the core vaccinations and the non-core ones, but keep in mind ... Read More

International Travel with Your Pet – CDC

Taking your dog or cat on a flight abroad? Make sure you have your pet’s documents when traveling internationally and returning home to the United States. Leave yourself plenty of time before the trip to take care of your pet’s required medical care and paperwork. Remember to start the process early. First Stop—Your Vet’s Office If ... Read More