Popular Housesitting & Pet Sitting Sites

Here is a mix of the best free sitting sites as well as top-notch paid service sitting sites across the web. Source: https://www.k9ofmine.com/best-dog-sitting-sites/ 1. Trusted House Sitters Trusted House Sitters Trusted House Sitters is one of the most popular house sitting websites with an annual owner plan, you ... Read More

7 Best Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds warm your dog’s body, keeping them cozy even on cooler days. In this article are the seven best heated dog beds on the market today. Source: https://www.k9ofmine.com/best-heated-dog-beds/ 1. K&H Self-Warming Crate Pad K&H Self-warming Crate Pads The K&H Self-warming Crate Pads feature ... Read More

The 10 best cars for dog owners

Here are 10 vehicles we think dogs and dog lovers should own. Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-10-best-new-cars-for-dog-owners-2019-09-24 2019 BMW X2 The big hatchback door makes for easy loading and BMW provides a number of pet-friendly accessories, including rear-seat protectors and a variety of sport bags that ... Read More

UK’s Cutest Animal Cafes

Source: https://www.popsugar.co.uk/smart-living/Best-UK-Animal-Cafes-45319074 Leeds and Nottingham: Kitty Cafe Kitty Cafe has two locations, one in Leeds and one in Nottingham. They operate as a rehoming and care facility for strays and rescue cats and those with medical issues. The cafes offer a range of hot, savoury dishes as well ... Read More

How to Travel by Bus With Pets

Source: https://traveltips.usatoday.com/travel-bus-pets-13363.html Travelling by bus is a convenient way to save money whether at home or during a vacation. Unfortunately, they are not a convenient mode of travel for your pet. Plan ahead so you can avoid any pet-related problems with your bus travel plans. ITEMS YOU WILL ... Read More

A Travel Agency for Dogs

Source: http://www.topdogpettravel.com/reservations Have you heard of a dog travel agency? It's not just getting a pet-friendly hotel but they create a whole tour all pet-friendly! Top Dog Pet Travel was created where dogs are able to participate in unique adventures that go beyond a walk in the park and go to extraordinary destinati... Read More

10 best pet apps for Android!

Source: https://www.androidauthority.com/best-dog-apps-android-745951/ 11pets Price: Free 11pets is a pet care app that It helps manage your dog’s health. Some of the features include a built-in scheduler so you can keep track of vet visits, medication schedules, vaccinations, and other events. You can enter your dog’s ... Read More

Proper Cat Cafe Etiquette

Sources: https://www.cat-world.com.au/global-directory-of-cat-cafes.html ; https://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/greeting-a-cat-using-proper-cat-etiquette/2/ Greeting a Cat: Using Proper Cat Etiquette A proper cat greeting just needs a finger. When walking into a cat cafe, for instance, don’t approach him. Go down on his level ... Read More

Best Social Networking Apps For Your Pet

Source: https://appadvice.com/apps/social-networking-pet-apps Pets and pet lovers are one of the most covered niches in the social networking world. Some are good, while some are lame but otherwise, all of them have one aim – to provide the pet-loving community to mingle with other pets and pet lovers in a social networking platform. ... Read More

Dog-Friendly Restaurant Etiquette

Source: https://www.dogtrainingnation.com/dog-training-clients/dog-friendly-restaurant-etiquette/ Dog-friendly restaurants are popping up everywhere but enjoying a meal at a restaurant with your dog is a privilege, so proper dog restaurant etiquette is a must. 1. Leashed Dogs Only The New York Times When dining at dog-friendly ... Read More