Best Dog Cones and E-Collars to Help With Healing

E-collars are also referred to as cones, recovery collars, or jokingly “cones of shame.” And because dogs can make some wounds worse by licking and biting the sutures, making them wear it is definitely for their own good. The Five Best Dog Cones and E-Collars Source: 1.&... Read More

When Boarding the Train with your Pet

Some things to consider when planning to take your pet on board a train. Source: Motion Sickness Some animals can get motion sickness, so it’s advisable to test out some short journeys before embarking on a 7-hour train ride. Be sure ... Read More

Top 10 Winter Weather Tips for Pets

1. Know your dog’s limits! Short-coated, thin, elderly, or very young dogs get cold more quickly – so adjust the amount of time they stay outside! If your dog enjoys being outdoors, consider outfitting it with a sweater or coat to keep it warm. Hypothermia and frostbite pose major risks to dogs in winter, so remember, if it is too ... Read More

Road Trip Safety When Traveling With Pets

Be aware when you take road trips with your pets. A new study from Volvo Car USA and The Harris Poll revealed that allowing pets to roam unrestrained while driving led to significantly more unsafe driving behaviors, distraction and increased stress on both drivers and their four-legged friends. shutterstock Source: Read More

Blue-Green Algae and Dogs: Symptoms and Prevention

Source: Algae naturally occur in inland waters such as rivers, streams and lakes and during long periods of warm weather, it can multiply and form blooms. Blue-green algae or cyanobacteria - a type of blooming algae - can produce toxins harmful to both humans and ... Read More

Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During Summer

Source: Never leave your pet in the car During summertime, the inside of your car can reach 120 degrees in a matter of minutes, even if you're parked in the shade. We cannot emphasize enough that this can mean real trouble for your pets. If you ... Read More

Dog Sunscreen: Is it necessary?

Summertime is definitely here and this is the perfect time for humans and dogs alike to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether we’re hitting the beach, taking the field at a ball game, or simply heading out to run errands, we know that during the summer months wearing sunscreen is key to our health and safety. But aren't we supposed to be ... Read More


This article is written by JetSet Pets Pet Relocators. Pet Travel Questions has obtained permission from JetSet Pets to post their articles on the website Source: JetSet Pet is a premier pet location company located in the city of Dubai.  Functioning as ... Read More

Selecting a car harness for your pets

Source: The use of pet restraints during road travel helps in preventing accidents to happen. But because accidents DO happen, you to have the information you need to choose that product wisely. Design is of Importance Long extension tethers and zipline-style ... Read More

Air Travel and Short-Nosed Dogs FAQ

SOURCES: AVMA Frequently Asked Questions about Traveling with Your PetTraveling with Your Pet (brochure) U.S. Department of Transportation "Short-Faced" Dogs More Prone to Death in Flight, According to DOT Data (Press release, July 16, ... Read More