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How a Queensland couple prepared for 300 days of house and pet sitting in Europe

Before setting off on their European house and pet sitting adventure, Neil and Gai had a test run closer to home. Source: Getty Images Queensland couple Neil McLean and Gai Reid journeyed to Europe to enjoy some authentic travel, ‘living like locals’. The result? They spent 300 days pet and house-sitting their way ... Read More

On Pet Health and Pet Travel; Dr Tan E.K, answers 3 key questions on pet relocation

Dr. Tan (pictured below) – answers the following question: What are three things that you would recommend to someone who is planning to relocate internationally with a dog or cat? Make sure that your breed is allowed in the country that you are traveling to. For example, the American Pit Bull Terrier is not allowed ... Read More

An introduction to Dr Tan E.K; Featured Partner & Veterinarian for Pet Travel Questions

With Dr Tan E.K. , your pet travel-health is in your hands! Dr Tan is the perfect figure of authority to answer whatever questions one has on pet travel and pet health! Dr Tan is an extremely accomplished veterinarian. He graduated from the esteemed Murdoch University in Australia, but also has numerous degrees from ... Read More

Importing a Pet into Singapore

Depending on your country of origin, Jason's Pet Relocation will design a customised solution to your needs. Their Import Services Include: Consultation & Coordination servicesFlight Booking / Pet CargoBlood TestsHealth CertificatesAnimal Reservation & ManagementPermits & Custom ClearancePet BoardingPet ... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets (Part 5 out of 5: Food and Comfortable Journey)

Watch Your Pet’s Diet Photo Credit: Lauren Tucker Photography If you can keep to your pet’s accustomed diet for a while after arrival, it will help to avoid stomach upsets. Your pet will be out of sorts in unfamiliar territory, so changing up its diet could spell disaster. Here are some ways to keep your pet on ... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets (Part 4 out of 5: Packing Essentials and Emergency Plans)

Prepare Your Pet and Pack the Essentials Photo Credit: Angelbattle bros Create a list and stock up on all the things that will increase your pet’s comfort during the flight. You should ensure that you have a spacious carrier that is appropriate for travel. If you plan to fly, your airline will specify the requir... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets (Part 3 out of 5: Mode of Transport & Accommodation)

Prepare for Other Modes of Travel With Your Pet Photo courtesy of: Leedman Even if you don’t plan to fly, you’ll likely still need to transport your pet via at least 1 mode of transportation. If you have a travel crate or kennel for your pet, that is ideal; especially because they will be in unfamiliar surroun... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets (Part 2 out of 5: Airline Policies)

Learn About Your Airline’s Pet Policy Photo courtesy of: DaPuglet Just like different countries have different rules, traveling with pets can vary by airline as well. Make sure you are informed about all requirements and restrictions before flying with a pet in the plane and the terminal too. Try to book a direct ... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Pets (Part 1 out of 5: Prepare & Research )

When you’re planning a trip, you have dozens of details to worry about. If you add a pet to the mix, those details may begin to feel overwhelming. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or moving to a new place, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your dog, cat, or small animal behind. Here are some tips to show you ... Read More

4 Dog-friendly Hotel Staycations in Singapore

1. Regent Singapore If you are looking for the ultimate comfort away from home, Regent Singapore will meet all your needs. Besides being conveniently located near Singapore Botanic Gardens, the hotel also provides pet amenities, making it one of the best hotels for a pet-friendly staycation. Pet Policy: The hotel ... Read More