After having relocated twice overseas with pets, I saw the need to create a website where people could go to find out what policies exist for traveling with pets, who to contact for more information and a message board for people to ask questions and share information about their own experiences.

I found it incredibly stressful to find even basic information when I was planning my trips. The rules around pet travel are often not readily assessable, clear cut or easy to understand. In many cases, pets are not allowed to travel in the cabin of the plane so there is the additional stress and anxiety in wondering what exactly is happening to them before, during and after takeoff when traveling by plane.

When I moved from the United States to Singapore late last year, I had a 10-hour layover in Amsterdam. I was desperately trying to check and see if my dogs were ok and wasn’t able to get any details from the airport or airline. I was desperately e-mailing and calling folks to try and find out more information when I came across a you tube video that described the Lufthansa Cargo Animal Lounge (possibly use hyper link to show video) in Frankfurt, Germany. There were highly trained veterinarians and other professionals providing a guided tour through the facility describing exactly what happens with all of the animals in their care. Having discovered this information brought a huge sense of relief but I thought there must be a better way to share this important information with people who are traveling with pets.

I hope that this site provides valuable information as you plan your own journeys around the world and would love any feedback you may have on how to make this site more useful.


Julie Bainbridge