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Cute Kittens Take The Stage At Charlotte Airport, Asking ‘Will You Adopt Me?’

Why is everything at the airport always all about dogs? It is tough to walk through any major airport without seeing dogs. The Transportation Security Administration maintains a force of about 1,000 explosive detection dogs at 82 airports. Some passengers are legitimately accompanied by dogs they pay to ... Read More

Southwest Restricts Emotional Support Animals

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES IS cracking down on what kind of service animals it will allow passengers to bring on planes. The airline announced on Tuesday that is has updated its policies regarding emotional support animals. According to a statement from the airline, it will only allow passengers to bring ... Read More

JetBlue’s new emotional support animal rules: Only dogs, cats and mini horses, and more documentation

  JetBlue Airways will ask passengers flying with emotional support animals for more documentation about the animal's health and behavior, citing "health and safety risks" from an onslaught of untrained animals in its cabins. The New York-based airline joins competitors American Airlines, United ... Read More

Royal Caribbean bans support animals from cruises

Royal Caribbean will no longer allow passengers to bring emotional support animals on its ships, such as the Mariner of the Seas. (Jim Rassol/Sun Sentinel/TNS) Royal Caribbean International will no longer accept emotional support animals onboard its ships. Cruise passengers who have existing ... Read More