10 Tips for Safe Road Trips With Your Pet

Planning a road trip with your cat or dog, but aren’t sure how to prepare? Follow these essential tips to ensure your next voyage is a safe and happy one for your pet.

1. Gather your pet’s health documents

Make copies of all of your pet’s medical records and ensure that they are up to date on their vaccinations before you set out on the road. If your pet gets sick while on the road, it will make it much easier for health professionals to treat them if they know your pet’s medical history.

2. Go on practice runs or mini road trips

Make sure your pet is familiar with your car and riding in it prior to going on a long trip. Try taking them on short errands or trips to ensure they’re comfortable with being in the car.

3. Groom your pet ahead of time

Book an appointment for a full grooming of your pet before you go on your trip. This way, you’ll be travelling with a clean pet, which will make for a much more pleasant experience for everyone in the car.

4. Secure your pet’s crate or harness

Whether your pet is more comfortable in a harness or in their crate, it’s important to secure this in place for the safety of you and your pet. This will keep your pet from getting out of their space, which can be dangerous to your driving.

5. Don’t overfeed your pet

Feed your pet light meals before hitting the road. A full stomach can lead to carsickness and accidents in the car. When you’ve stopped driving for the day, feed your animal regularly.

6. Make frequent stops en route

Be sure to stop at rest stops and parks frequently on your drive. Giving your pet ample breaks to walk will lessen the likelihood of an accident.

7. No heads out of the window!

Although it may seem like fun, keep your dog’s head inside the car while you’re driving. Another car or flying debris could cause injury to your pet’s head and having your pet hanging out the window could be a distraction to other drivers.

8. Find pet-friendly accommodations ahead of time

Check with hotels along your route to make sure that they are pet friendly. If you’re staying with friends or family, be sure to let them know you’re bringing your pet.

9. Microchip your pet

Consider adding a microchip to your pet. Should your pet go missing while on the road, a microchip can be the quickest way for others to help locate the animal.

10. Bring your own water

Bottle your water from home or use bottled water for your pet. Tap water in areas that your pet is not used to can cause upset stomachs and diarrhea.

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