10 Festive Fall Activities for You and Your Pet

#1: Pumpkin & Apple Picking

Your pup would happily traipse in a pumpkin patch or apple orchard with you, help you find your way out of the corn maze, and want some pumpkin and apple treats of his own. It’s a quintessential autumn tradition that you can spend with your fur kid—just make sure the farm is dog friendly before you head out.

Dog Pumpkin Picking

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#2: Pumpkin Carving

After your orchard trip, get your pumpkin-carving supplies ready! Try your hand at creating a carving of your dog, or keep it simple with just a paw print. Your dog would certainly appreciate some pumpkin scraps to nosh on while you’re getting the job done.

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#3: Halloween Movie Marathon

There are a ton of Halloween classics that feature dog and cat characters that your pet can appreciate: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scooby-Doo, Frankenweenie, and Hocus Pocus, to name a few. Plus, this is the perfect Halloween activity for pets who want to pass on the trick-or-treating hubbub. If your dog or cat gets stressed out by the doorbell, leave a bowl of candy out on your stoop so you can snuggle in peace!

Movies with dog

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#4: Trick-or-Treating

If you have an outgoing pup, bring him along for a walk while the kids go trick-or-treating! It’s a fun way to show off a costume of his own or to include him in a funny group costume with your family. When you and your pup are at home on All Hallows’ Eve, make sure you have a gate set up so he doesn’t run up to the trick-or-treaters or bolt out the door.

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#5: Costume Party

What better way to show off your pup’s Halloween costume than a dog-friendly costume party? You can invite some of his canine friends—have them bob for apples and award a prize to the best-dressed pup–human duo. Peruse the latest costume trends for Halloween 2016 and get the pawty started!

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#6: Halloween Parade

Many towns have annual Halloween parades that children, dogs, and adults can all participate in. This is the perfect opportunity for your dog to socialize and show off his cute costume. If you’re in the NYC area, consider escorting your dog at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade—the “largest dog costume parade in the world.”

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#7: Ghost Tours

Get in the Halloween spirit by taking a ghost tour in your nearest city—you’d be surprised by the haunting stories associated with your area! Check out Oliver Bentleys Historic Dog Walk Tour of Savannah, Georgia—every dog on the tour receives a complimentary bag of biscuits.

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#8: Fall Foliage Hike

Fall is one of the prettiest times of the year—a perfect time to become one with nature and appreciate its autumn colors, earthy smells, crisp air, and serenity. Your fur kid will appreciate getting out and trotting through the wilderness, too. Just make sure he’s protected fromfleas and ticks before you venture out.

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#9: Backyard Fun

Why not add some fun to your yard work? Bring your dog outside to romp around the leaves with you. There’s nothing like watching the pure joy of a dog who’s plunging into a fluffy pile of leaves, sniffing out his favorite toy beneath the colorful pile, or chasing around a rogue leaf or two blowing in the wind. This also makes for some fun photo and video opportunities.

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#10: Oktoberfest

Celebrate Oktoberfest by finding an outdoor beer garden and bringing your dog along to relax while you enjoy your German beer and bratwurst. Search the web for outdoor Oktoberfest events in your area, like this one in Cleveland, or have an Oktoberfest-themed gathering in your own backyard, where lederhosen and steins should be strongly encouraged.


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