Winter Weather Safety Tips for Cats

Hypothermia is a major concern during cold weather, especially for outdoor cats. Inadequate shelter, insufficient calories, or becoming wet can make a pet much more susceptible to this condition. Pet parents should be aware of the additional indoor and outdoor hazards associated with cold weather and how to keep cats comfortable and safe ... Read More

Stats: 58% Say Airlines Should Improve Pet Safety in Cargo

When polled about allowing animals, including service, emotional support and other pets, on planes, results were mixed. However, one thing 58 percent agreed on: Airlines should make it safer if they require any animal to ride in cargo. The survey, conducted by The GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation provider, had ... Read More

Safety Tips For Winter Traveling With A Dog

Winter traveling on the road can be beautiful if you are mindful of the colder weather, different driving conditions and the type of heating you’ll need in your car Last year, a record number of Americans took to the roads for holiday travel, with statistics showing that roughly 107.3 million people traveled 50 miles or ... Read More

How Cold Is Too Cold for Your Dog?

We all know that exercise and the mental stimulation being outdoors play are key to keeping our dogs healthy and happy, but what should we do when it’s cold outside? When do the risks of spending time in the cold outweigh the benefits of being outdoors? Let’s take a look at the dangers associated with winter weather and how we can ... Read More


Every year, people and their pets are improperly prepared to handle unexpected extreme winter weather conditions Often, hiking injuries on trails related to winter conditions can be avoided with proper preparation.  For the sake of you and your pup, we cannot emphasize the need to be prepared, as even some of the easiest terrain ... Read More

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Winter Hikes Near Denver

  WATERTON CANYON – INDIAN CREEK TRAILHEAD  – LITTLETON, CO Located just between Deckers and Salida on Hwy 67, this alternative route which also leads up to Lenny’s Rest, is both dog-friendly and scenic.  While hiking along this 4.4 mile route you’ll witness some spectacular sites to take in with your dog in winter. ... Read More

Top 10 Dog -Friendly Ski Resorts

Are you planning on doing a little downhill skiing this winter? Better leave your lovable Lab behind, right? Wrong! These days, more and more ski resorts are welcoming you and your four-legged friend, whether at the lodge (downhill) or on the trails (Nordic). 1. Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia With its diverse terrain, multitude of ... Read More

Dog parks in Singapore: Awesome walks and runs

Bought or adopted a furry friend in Singapore, but struggling to find new and fun places to take them? We hear you. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have a house with a big ol’ back garden, so taking puppy for a walk around the neighbourhood is often the only way to give them their daily exercise. You’ll be glad to know that there are ... Read More

Tips For Walking Dogs In The Snow

For those of us living in places where winter means snow, walking dogs outside becomes a big challenge. Snow presents a new obstacle that makes things very difficult for dogs. As a professional dog walker in Chicago, I experienced the downsides of the Midwest winter firsthand, and I’ve come up with some tips for dog ... Read More

Your Guide to a Pet-Friendly Winter Vacation in Big Bear

If you’re looking for the best pet-friendly winter vacation spot in Southern California, Big Bear Lake is a clear winner. Whether you hike or snowshoe, we have forests full of trails just right for you and your four-legged friend. There are plenty of options for pet-friendly lodging in Big Bear, and a few restaurants with outdoor patio ... Read More