Mardi Gras Dog Parades That Help Animals in Need

Mardi Gras is here! In cities across the US, pet parents can bring a bit of The Big Easy to their buddies that bark by celebrating the holiday at one of the many dog-friendly Mardi Gras festivals that will offer visitors a virtual gumbo of frivolity mixed with philanthropy. Following are a few of the fetes where you and your four-legged ... Read More

Campgrounds in Northern California That Allow Dogs

Northern California is a vacationer's paradise, with sandy coastlines, lush forests and wine-country vineyards. Vacationing in California with a dog takes planning and may require reservations far in advance. The easiest way to travel in the state with dogs is to camp. You'll find activities for both you and your pet just outside your tent ... Read More

11 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Ah, the ides of February, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a dog, you already have the best valentine around! Make the hearts-and-flowers holiday special this year by spending it with your four-legged love—who cares if they can’t read a calendar? Check out these 11 ways to celebra... Read More

Puppy Love: The Valentine’s Day Getaway Of Your Doggy Dreams

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a sweet getaway for two (your dog and you) with the Puppy Love package at Union Station Hotel in downtown Nashville for all the holiday frills with the one who loves you most. If you find yourself single at this stage, there’s a good chance you’re not going to make exciting holiday plans ... Read More

How To Have A Dog-Friendly Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you are probably trying to decide on the perfect gift for your dog. But did you know that the traditional tokens of affection — roses, chocolates, and other candies — can be harmful for the four-legged loves of your life? Here’s some tips to ensure a loving and safe Valentine’s Day this year. Don’t ... Read More

How to Ride a Bicycle with Your Dog

Maybe you're a fan of cycling who also loves dogs. Or, perhaps you are a dog lover who wants to start riding a bike. Can you put the two together and ride a bike with your dog? Cycling with your dog means one of two things: Your dog is riding in a bike trailer or pet basket Your dog is running alongside your bike The latter ... Read More

Millennials Plan to Spend Big This Holiday Season—on Their Pets

Millennials love their pets, and that love’s showing up on their holiday credit-card bills. The much-discussed generation of shoppers, known for their industry-disrupting tastes, will spend heavily on their pets this holiday season -- more than double what consumers overall are expected to pony up, according to a report from ... Read More

11 Holiday events and activities to enjoy with your fur friends

If the thought of leaving Fido at home while you go out and cut down your Christmas tree, attend ugly Christmas sweater parties or take family holiday photos is too much to bear, don't bear it. You can just bring him. Statistically, your dog is much less likely to cry on Santa's lap than a child is. And just imagine the adorable holiday ... Read More