Cat Cafes Around the World

Cat cafes originated in Taiwan in 1998 with a cafe called Cat Flower Garden (now called Café Dogs & Cats), the concept was most embraced in Japan and today, there's been a storm of cat cafe opening around the world. You could say the concept is cat-ching on. For travellers looking for a coffee and cat fix, here are a few cat ... Read More

7 Tips For Finding Dog Sitters

Source: Original article written by JESSICA BOOTH Whenever you go on a trip, dogs and pets, in general, cannot be left alone in your home to fend for themselves — they need to be looked after. You don't want to leave your ... Read More


Spoil your dog with some makeover or that well-deserved pampering; here is a list of grooming and pet-related services you can find in Jakarta: 1. Vodka & Latte vodkalatte The first and only Japanese grooming and training facilities inspired by Tetsuya Yoshida, a famous Japanese dog groomer who insists on using organic ... Read More

Best cars for dog owners

Your guide to finding a car that loves your dog as much as you do (or at least comes close…) It’s no secret that dogs love cars. Tell a dog they’re going for a ride and watch the excitement happen. But not every vehicle is as dog-friendly as the next. From pet hair to lax safety features, the wrong car could make for some uncomfor... Read More

The Ultimate Guide of Pet Freebies and Deals

As a pet owner, you know the feeling of disappointment when you arrive at a restaurant or shop only to find a “no pets allowed” sign. Despite the recent increase in pet-friendly establishments, it can still be difficult to know where your pet is welcome — and where they’ll be treated well. To help you in your search, ... Read More


Spending time with your dogs can be a little challenging in Jakarta but lately more and more restaurants and cafes in Jakarta open their doors to our four-legged friends too. So here is our list of dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in Jakarta for you and your pet to check out. 1. local deli local deli Located in Como Park ... Read More

How to keep pets safe on Memorial Day weekend and beyond

by Rita Giordano Woo hoo! Summer is here, and with it, the start of all things related to summer fun. But before you delve into the joys of sun, surf, cookouts, and more, some precautions are in order to make sure it’s also a good time for your BFF. Your Best Furry Friends – dogs and cats – need your help to ensure these weeks ... Read More

The best animal shelters to adopt a pet in Singapore

Adopt don't shop. These animal shelters and organisations are where you can pick up your new best friend for life Before welcoming a four-legged addition to your family, here's a question to ponder: why not adopt a rescue? Sadly, Singapore is littered with strays and abandoned pets that result in overcrowded animal ... Read More

The best pet shops in Singapore

Your pets deserve the best too – drop by these pet shops for premium food, accessories, and also... pets. Krista Mangulsone If your idea of a family is devoid of little infant children, but filled with an entirely different species of furry critters, then you've come to the right place. Loyal, affectionate, and without the challeng... Read More

Best animal and pet cafés in Tokyo

Tokyo has achieved worldwide fame for its animal cafés. The original craze started with cat cafés, but has slowly expanded to accommodate a wide range of domestic pets and tame animals. Of course, we have some ethical concerns as well, so we sought out cafés which prioritise the well-being of the animals, with few to no cages and enough ... Read More