How to Travel by Bus With Pets

Source: Travelling by bus is a convenient way to save money whether at home or during a vacation. Unfortunately, they are not a convenient mode of travel for your pet. Plan ahead so you can avoid any pet-related problems with your bus travel plans. ITEMS YOU WILL ... Read More

A Travel Agency for Dogs

Source: Have you heard of a dog travel agency? It's not just getting a pet-friendly hotel but they create a whole tour all pet-friendly! Top Dog Pet Travel was created where dogs are able to participate in unique adventures that go beyond a walk in the park and go to extraordinary destinati... Read More

10 best pet apps for Android!

Source: 11pets Price: Free 11pets is a pet care app that It helps manage your dog’s health. Some of the features include a built-in scheduler so you can keep track of vet visits, medication schedules, vaccinations, and other events. You can enter your dog’s ... Read More

Proper Cat Cafe Etiquette

Sources: ; Greeting a Cat: Using Proper Cat Etiquette A proper cat greeting just needs a finger. When walking into a cat cafe, for instance, don’t approach him. Go down on his level ... Read More

Best Social Networking Apps For Your Pet

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Dog-Friendly Restaurant Etiquette

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Cat Cafes Around the World

Cat cafes originated in Taiwan in 1998 with a cafe called Cat Flower Garden (now called Café Dogs & Cats), the concept was most embraced in Japan and today, there's been a storm of cat cafe opening around the world. You could say the concept is cat-ching on. For travellers looking for a coffee and cat fix, here are a few cat ... Read More

7 Tips For Finding Dog Sitters

Source: Original article written by JESSICA BOOTH Whenever you go on a trip, dogs and pets, in general, cannot be left alone in your home to fend for themselves — they need to be looked after. You don't want to leave your ... Read More


Spoil your dog with some makeover or that well-deserved pampering; here is a list of grooming and pet-related services you can find in Jakarta: 1. Vodka & Latte vodkalatte The first and only Japanese grooming and training facilities inspired by Tetsuya Yoshida, a famous Japanese dog groomer who insists on using organic ... Read More

Best cars for dog owners

Your guide to finding a car that loves your dog as much as you do (or at least comes close…) It’s no secret that dogs love cars. Tell a dog they’re going for a ride and watch the excitement happen. But not every vehicle is as dog-friendly as the next. From pet hair to lax safety features, the wrong car could make for some uncomfor... Read More