10 Ways Handicapped Pets Get Around

By Victoria Heuer  Call them what you will, whether it’s handicapped, handi-capable, special-abled, or mobility limited, our pets are as resilient and determined as we are to overcome life’s obstacles, and will even thrive in adversity. Advances in medical care for humans have been passed along to our pets, and sometimes from ... Read More

Incredible high-tech gadgets for your pets (and yourself)

The modern age has given birth to a tonne of high-tech pet gadgets that make ole' stuffed animals or feather-on-a-string products look rather lame. If you're the type of pet lover who enjoys indulging a cat or dog, than you'll love what we've rounded up. We have scoured the internet for the best and most technology-packed trackers, ... Read More

9 Best Airline-Approved Pet Carriers

Travel is stressful at the best of times, but throw in a pet to the mix and navigating your way through an airport suddenly gets way more complicated. One way to make things feel a little more streamlined? A reliable, comfortable, and sturdy pet carrier to throw over your shoulder when your hands are full. After all, your pet deserves a ... Read More

10 Car Safety Items for Your Pet

Image: photocell / via Shutterstock Pet Restraints for Car Travel By Jessica Remitz As you plan your road trips this summer, be sure to consider your pet’s car safety before pulling out of the driveway. With states like Hawaii, Connecticut, Illinois, and Maine banning motorists from driving with their pets in their laps ... Read More

Camping Gear for Dogs

When you backpack or hike with your dog, you know that your dog’s safety and comfort depends on the quality of his gear. In many cases, your dog will be exposed to temperatures or surfaces that can endanger your dog. And when you’re ready to call it a day at the end of a long day hiking, you want to offer him a comfortable place to ... Read More

Dog Stroller Guide: AKC Picks for Small and Large Pets

The American Kennel Club independently selected each product featured in this article. summer, exercise If your dog is elderly, has lost some mobility, or is recuperating from surgery or ailment, he might have trouble getting around. And if you have a breed of tiny stature, like the Papillonor Shih Tzu, or one that has ... Read More

The Best Dog Raincoats and Rain Boots, According to Professional Dog Walkers

Most dogs don’t really need to wear a rain jacket or rain boots when going on walks, but there are some breeds that benefit from wearing raincoats, like short-haired dogs, who typically don’t have a thick undercoat to protect them from the cold of the rain. Think Boston terriers, boxers, and French bulldogs. “They seem to ... Read More

5 Best Car Harnesses (and Seat Belts) for Dogs

If you love taking your dog in the car on quick trips around town, or even longer ones on vacation or long days out, you want the best car harness on the market for your dog’s safety and comfort, and your own peace of mind. There aren’t real good statistics on dog accidents in cars, but the American Humane Society ... Read More

April Showers Bring Wet Dogs: How to Keep your Dog Dry in the Rain

For many dog owners, springtime means more time to play outside, train, and go on walks. But more time outdoors can also mean more mess, especially when there’s rain. And while some dogs enjoy playing in the rain, there are many pups who dislike going on walks when the weather is wet. Some refuse to go outside while others ... Read More

The Best Dog Cooling Vests and Jackets in 2019

Sometimes you’ve just got to beat the summer heat any way you can, and a dog cooling vest might be exactly what you’re looking for. These nifty little accessories for our canine companions work through evaporation, allowing a dog to stay cool throughout the whole day if you pick the right one. Of course, picking one out is the hard ... Read More