These Are the Most Pet-Friendly Airports in the US

Airports That Cater to Pets A recent study conducted by Upgraded Points revealed the most pet-friendly airports in the U.S. The study was conducted using an assigned points system. Pet-friendly airports earned accolades for facilities that went beyond just providing the rudimentary services outlined in a federal mandate. ... Read More

9 Updated Airline Pet Policies and Links

This past year most domestic airlines tightened their rules regarding trained service animals, emotional support animals (or ESAs) and psychiatric animals on airplanes. The move was necessary, airlines said, because too many passengers were taking advantage of lax government rules regarding the transport of these animals and, in many ... Read More

United — What you need to know before flying with your pet

Planning to travel with your cat or dog? We teamed up with American Humane, the country’s very first animal welfare organization, to bring you important pre-flight tips to ensure your pet has the best possible travel experience when he or she is not eligible to travel in the aircraft cabin. or a full list of PetSafe® program guidelines, ... Read More

The 10 Best Airlines To Travel With Pets (10 To Avoid)

Taking your beloved pet with you around the world is a dream for many pet owners — but choose the wrong airline and it could become a nightmare Read More

The 10 most pet-friendly airlines 2018

Traveling with a pet can be a hassle — or in worst-case scenarios, fatal. In light of recent stories about dogs dying on flights, the thought of traveling with your pet might not be a reassuring one. But some airlines are extra accommodating when it comes to flying with animals, from allowing a wide range of pets to providing ... Read More

Delta updates comfort-animal policy to one per passenger—and no pit bulls

Delta Air Lines has revised its animal policy again, this time limiting emotional-support animals to one per customer and banning "pit bull type dogs" as either comfort or service animals. The changes go into effect July 10. The airline said the updates resulted from safety concerns, after several workers were bitten. ... Read More

Airports join airlines in tightening the leash on animal travel

There were plenty of “aw, that’s so cute” social media posts last month when Eleanor Rigby, one of two service dog vest-wearing golden retrievers accompanying a passenger to Philadelphia on American Airlines, went into labor and gave birth to eight puppies in a gate area at Tampa International Airport. No one was charmed, however, ... Read More