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Is That Dog (or Pig) on Your Flight Really a Service Animal?

A service dog on a plane at Newark Liberty International Airport during a training exercise last year. The Department of Transportation is considering rules to counteract passengers who falsely claim their pets are service animals.CreditJulio Cortez/Associated Press Sharon L. Giovinazzo, president and chief executive ... Read More

Guide to flying with pets (and getting rewarded for it)

Need to fly with Fido? You should know that many airlines are tightening the leash on emotional support animals in the main cabin. But on the flip side, some airlines offer perks for flying pets. Every day, thousands of travellers take to the skies with their pets for a variety of reasons. In the United States, ... Read More

All Aboard, Fido and Fluffy!

Traveling with your four-legged friend has never been more easy and enjoyable. | Photo from Amtrak TRAVEL WITH PETS ON AMTRAK! No one gets left behind when you can travel with pets on Amtrak! Thanks to a successful pilot program, Amtrak is welcoming small dogs and cats onboard certain trains making ... Read More

Allergic to Dogs on a Flight? What Travelers Need to Know

A 7-year-old boy and his parents were asked to leave their Allegiant Air flight from Bellingham, Wash., to Phoenix last week after the boy developed an allergic reaction to a dog, a service animal, on the plane, according to several news reports. The flight was delayed about 90 minutes and some passengers were said to ... Read More

The Best and Worst Cities to Be a Dog

If you’re a human, the biggest draws to a city may include good jobs, accessible culture, and 24-hour bodegas. If you’re a dog, you might be more interested in the number of fire hydrants and patches of grass. But these days, cities are treating dogs like luxury-condo residents — only instead of wellness rooms and ... Read More

Pet tech offers to keep animals safe, healthy and connected

Technology isn’t just for humans anymore. It’s also for their furry friends. In Silicon Valley and beyond, a growing number of startups are selling devices to keep pets safe, healthy, entertained and connected when their owners are away. “Pet tech” entrepreneurs and investors see a big opportunity as ... Read More

JetBlue’s new emotional support animal rules

JetBlue Airways will ask passengers flying with emotional support animals for more documentation about the animal's health and behavior, citing "health and safety risks" from an onslaught of untrained animals in its cabins. The New York-based airline joins competitors American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air ... Read More

The World’s Best Dog-Friendly Hotels

As an freelance travel writer and hotel lover, I enjoy trying out new hotels on a monthly basis. Over the past six months, I’ve noticed a growing trend in the world of hospitality: more and more hotels are dog-friendly. In fact, many upscale hotels are offering special programs and packages that are geared toward pamper... Read More

Pet-Friendly Luxury Cruise Liner Makes its U.S. Debut

All hands – and paws – on deck! The new pet-friendly cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2, has made its official U.S. debut. This dog-friendly boat had a makeover costing over $130 million to make sure it was in ship shape for its new four-legged clientele. The design of the ship has been updated, including luxurious furnish... Read More

Flying With Your Dog In-Cabin?

  1. Figure out if your dog is eligible to fly in-cabin. The first thing to do is to figure out if your small dog is actually small enough to fit under an airplane seat. Size and weight restrictions vary from airline to airline, but most require that your dog and carrier together not weigh more than around 20 pounds. ... Read More