How to keep pets safe on Memorial Day weekend and beyond

by Rita Giordano Woo hoo! Summer is here, and with it, the start of all things related to summer fun. But before you delve into the joys of sun, surf, cookouts, and more, some precautions are in order to make sure it’s also a good time for your BFF. Your Best Furry Friends – dogs and cats – need your help to ensure these weeks ... Read More

Bringing a Pet to Amsterdam

Conditions and requirements The requirements for being allowed to bring a pet into the Netherlands vary depending on what kind of animal it is, and whether you’re bringing it from within the EU or from a non-EU country. If you bring a dog or a cat from another EU country, for example, you must make sure that your pet: is at least 15 ... Read More

How a Queensland couple prepared for 300 days of house and pet sitting in Europe

Before setting off on their European house and pet sitting adventure, Neil and Gai had a test run closer to home. Source: Getty Images Queensland couple Neil McLean and Gai Reid journeyed to Europe to enjoy some authentic travel, ‘living like locals’. The result? They spent 300 days pet and house-sitting their way across four countr... Read More

Taking a Dog to Norway: Rules and Regulations

Traveling to Norway with your dog (or cat, for that matter) is no longer the hassle it once was. As long as you keep in mind a few pet travel requirements, taking your dog to Norway will be quite easy. The rules for cats are the same. Note that the completion of vaccinations and vet forms can take 3-4 months, so if you want to take your ... Read More

The best animal shelters to adopt a pet in Singapore

Adopt don't shop. These animal shelters and organisations are where you can pick up your new best friend for life Before welcoming a four-legged addition to your family, here's a question to ponder: why not adopt a rescue? Sadly, Singapore is littered with strays and abandoned pets that result in overcrowded animal ... Read More

The best pet shops in Singapore

Your pets deserve the best too – drop by these pet shops for premium food, accessories, and also... pets. Krista Mangulsone If your idea of a family is devoid of little infant children, but filled with an entirely different species of furry critters, then you've come to the right place. Loyal, affectionate, and without the challeng... Read More

24-hour animal clinics in Singapore for your pet

Like humans, our pets can fall prey to nasty viruses - and it’s important to have a choice of trusted doctors that you can go to for emergency care. In case your furry friend needs medical attention at ungodly hours, here are 11 vets in Singapore that are open 24 hours, complete with reviews* by satisfied customers. - East - 1. ... Read More

How to Handle a Pet Emergency Abroad

When travelling, an emergency can occur at any time. When an emergency involves your pet, it can become a bit more challenging to handle. Before you leave, you must think about the possibility of you needing to get your pet to a veterinarian overseas— but how? What if you lose him and need help finding him, but no one speaks your languag... Read More

10 Ways Handicapped Pets Get Around

By Victoria Heuer  Call them what you will, whether it’s handicapped, handi-capable, special-abled, or mobility limited, our pets are as resilient and determined as we are to overcome life’s obstacles, and will even thrive in adversity. Advances in medical care for humans have been passed along to our pets, and sometimes from ... Read More

Flood Safety Tips For Pets | Keeping Your Dogs And Cats Safe

Pets are an important part of family life. It is hence important to take measures to ensure that they are kept safe during floods. Sufficient preparation before floods is a critical aspect of protecting animals in floods. You must realize that the pet relies solely on you for their well-being. Accordingly, you must do the following: ... Read More