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Falcons on a plane: First class treatment for birds of prey

(CNN) — Have you ever boarded a flight dreading who might be your neighbor for the next few hours? Maybe they'll snore, or encroach on your personal space, or perhaps it'll be a screaming baby. Passengers flying on Qatar, Emirates, Etihad or Royal Jordanian Airlines, however, have a unique type of neighbor to worry ... Read More

Taking a Pet Ferret on an Airplane Flight

  You may be able to take your pet ferret with you on your airplane flight, depending on where you are going and which airline you choose. Here are some issues to consider before you travel with your pet ferret. Is Your Destination Ferret-Friendly? Ferret lovers believe that ferrets make ... Read More

Pet Birds and Air Travel: What You Need to Know

You may have seen a fellow traveler bring a small dog or cat into the airplane cabin or take a larger dog with them as checked baggage. But did you know that a few US airlines allow you to bring your pet bird with you on your flight, provided you meet certain conditions? Which Species of Birds Can Fly ... Read More